Cane is available in several stages of completion to becoming a finished reed.  Rule of Thumb:  the more cane resembles the stalk, the less expensive the sale price , the more control the user has over  the dimensions, and the more work required by the consumer.  

The 3 stages of cane are: 

  • Gouging is the removal of the soft material from the inside of the cane.
  • Shaping is the cutting of the sides of the cane to define the shape of reed.
  • Profiling is the removal of the bark and some of the material under it.  The thickness of the blades is set by this tapering procedure.
  • (each stage is progressively closer to the finished reed)
    Gouged / Shaped / Profiled Cane 
    Here is the fruit of many years of research.  It is now available for all early instruments.  You can make your own cane reeds quicker and easier.  Five sizes fit  almost all early instruments. 
  • Small Applications:  s crumhorn/cornamuse;  s shawm/dulcian;  a shawm/dulcian
  • Medium Applications:  a crumhorn/cornamuse;  t shawm/dulcian
  • Large Applications:  t crumhorn/cornamuse;  b shawm/dulcian
  • Extra Large Applications:  b/gb crumhorn/cornamuse; b/gb rackett
  • Baroque Bassoon:  baroque bsn;  baroque rankett
  • Cost per piece    $ 7.00       Cost per ten    $67.50
    "Ozi Gouged" Cane 
    This is a historical gouged cane.  The taper is made under the gouged side not the bark side.  This process is described by Karl Almenrader, ca 1852, see: "On The Making Of Bassoon Reeds," by Karl Almenrader, trans. Ester Froese, International Double Reed Society Journal 8 (1980) 26-27.  Made with California cane.  Total length   4 3/4 inches.  Thickness + - .050  inch.  Taper under blade half to .030 inch. 
    Sold in Bundles of 10   $40.00
    Modern Gouged Cane 
    Bassoon cane (Spanish) $25.00 (bundle of ten)
    Contra Bassoon cane (Spanish) $33.00 (bundle of ten)
    Tube Cane for baroque oboe 
    specifications:  + - 16 mm diameter. approximately 5 inches (150 mm) long. 
    $0.68 per tube
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