Renaissance Racketts 
Both voices of instruments have ranges discribed by Michael Preatorius, Symtaga Musicum, Volume II, (A.D. 1658).  The volume of sound appears to approximate that needed for the grouping of instruments in M. Mersenne's Harmonie Universelle, (A.D. 1635), trans. R. Chapman, p. 377.  Experience has shown the designer/builder that when the right combination of bore, voicing, and reed are determined, volume and range increase as mentioned by Praetorius.  These instruments are the culmination of five years of development.  Designed by a professional, early music performer for professional use, i.e. range, volume of sound, and reliabiltiy are of prime concern.  Instruments are designed to be loud, with an extended working range. 

Alto / Tenor 
Rock maple and brass, 15 oz., 7 5/8" in height, 2 1/2" in diameter. $760.00 

Rock maple and brass, 24 oz., 13 3/4" in height, 2 3/8" in diameter. $790.00

Sopranino Shawm 
Made from English Sycamore, this shawm plays in the F range. Includes two reeds.  $600
Soprano Shawm with Pirouette 
Made with English Sycamore, this shawm plays in the C range. Includes two reeds.  $600
Great Bass Shawm 
The great bass shawm measurements were fashioned after an instrument that rests in the Berlin Museum.  It is 9' tall when assembled.  This model is unlike others as it breaks down into four parts for carrying in a case.  The largest piece is 41" long.  Fingering for this beautiful instrument is simple and in the C system, with a pitch of a-440.  The wood of preference is Philippine mahogany for lightness and stability.  It comes with two reeds and a case with casters and handles.  Light and durable.  Case dimensions:   44" x 11" x 14"   $6,300
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