Early Instrument Listening Tapes 

Here are two high quality Dolby stereo cassette tapes of music by Sundrie Natures.  Many instruments recorded are those not normally heard, from great bass shawm and recorder to garkline recorder and the acoustical virginal. 
Low Down Music/Voice of the Deep  
This splendid collection of 1450-1600 music using lower voiced settings often done then -- seldom done now.  Shawms, great bass and tenor voice racketts, great bass shawm and high recorder consort -- plus many other refreshing combinations. Composers:  Brade, Praetorius, Ford, Encino, Schein, etc... 
Christmas With Mona  
This timeless collection of familiar and forgotten Christmas tunes played on authentic reproduction instruments of the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. Greensleeves, In dulci jubilo, Abiding in the fields, Riu, chiu, E la don don, Salutation carol, and many more... 
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