Equipment and Tools 

Manual For Crafting Early Double Reeds - Second Edition

The most comprehensive manual of its kind, now expanded and revised.
Includes:  suppliers, scraping styles, design theory, tables of measurement.  Easy reading that makes reed making enjoyable. 

Maxi Reed-Making Tool Kit   
Includes:  knife, small mandrel, medium mandrel, large mandrel, working mandrel, reamer, flat plaque, medium arrow plaque, large arrow plaque, pliers, file, #400 wet/dry sandpaper, tube cutter, large easel, small easel, sharpening stone, cutting block, ruler, compass, reed manual, carrying box. Descriptions of these items may be found in catalog, listed separately.  $229.00
Mini Reed-Making Tool Kit Kit 
Includes:  knife, one forming mandrel of your choice, reamer, file, flat plaque, medium arrow plaque OR large arrow plaque, ruler, cutting block, carrying box. Descriptions of these items may be found in catalog, listed separately.  $90.00
Shaper Bodies 
Shapers are templates used to cut reeds to identical dimensions. $75.00
Mandrels size and shape a reed tube. Also, providing a handle to grip the reed while working on it. $12.00 - $17.00
Easels & Plaques 

Easels provide a curved working surface while processing outside radius of cane.  $15.00 - $16.00
Plaques are inserted between reed blades to give rigidity during cane removal.
$3.00 - $18.00

Reed Knives and Miscellaneous Tools 
Reed knife and sharpening stones, cane reed dryer, ruler, file, pliers, cutting block, assorted brass tubing, and tubing cutter.
Modular Instrument Stand 
Compact and simple, this safe and sturdy stand is custom crafted for early wind instruments.  Made from high quality materials.  Standard 4-spool stands are made of solid brass (16 oz.) or aluminum (10 oz.).  Special stand price varies on based on design and instruments utility.  Interchangeable hardwood spools and stem spools for block transverse flutes add versatility.  $80 to $90 
Cane Reed Dryer
Uses vacuum drying in heatless operation. Drying time is 3 hours.  $550

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