Reeds are made of  plastic or cane. They can be manufacture's replacement or custom made.
Plastic Replacement Reeds 
Original replacement reeds are in stock for Wood-style instruments. When ordering, specify: maker, pitch, voice of instrument and send instrument.  If you do not send instrument with order, you need to be prepared to tune the reed and touch up tuning with your instrument yourself (if we do it, it's free plus shipping--turn around is usually short). 
Wood Plastic Reed $48.00
Custom Made Reeds 
Many problems can be solved by a good reed. Cane Reeds are hand made for all early instruments. Plastic, custom reeds can be made for most instruments. Plastic reeds are not better than cane by any means. There is a trade off. Cane sounds better. Plastic on the other hand, requires little to no maintenance, and no pre-soaking. It is perfect for academic music programs, i.e., students with little or no double reed background. The actual instrument is needed in order to assure proper tuning and reed quality. When sending an instrument, state the pitch of the instrument (include the instrument). The turn around time is very short, usually within 5-10 working days. 
Custom Cane Reeds  $38.00    Custom Plastic Reeds  $48.00*  

* There is an additional charge for fittings if required to adapt reed to instrument.

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